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June 10, 2017

I love playing video games.  Unfortunately, I don’t get much time and I have amassed too many.  I end up playing a game for a while and then forget about it and when I do finally get back to it, I’ve forgotten the story line (Which is why I play the game) and I have to start all over again.

This morning, after many years a few restarts, I finished the game Syberia.

I love games where you have to find things and figure out puzzles, and Syberia has been one that has been stumping me for a long time.  And this time I did it without any walk throughs or FAQS.


Now on to Syberia 2

My Childhood Revisited

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June 9, 2017

Last night, I went to see the movie, “The Mummy.”  As soon as the action started, I was whisked back to my childhood.  I have an uncle that is only a few years older than me, so when we were young we were more like brothers than uncle and nephew.  He would spend almost complete summers at our home.  We would camp, fish, ride bikes and watch TV.  When I was young, there was a show on Saturday afternoons with a man named Doctor Shock.

Dr. Shock would rise up out of his coffin and give us a couple of hours of thrills and screams with one of the black and white monster movies.  The Mummy, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Dracula were just

a few.  No chainsaws, no blood and guts (at least not the way we see it today), just jumps and scares and sitting on the edge of the couch with a pillow covering my eyes.

That’s the feeling that I got last night watching this new adaptation of “The Mummy.”  A great retelling of a great old story and the goosebumps that go along with it.  It seems that Universal Studios, Dark Universe is something that I could really like.  The Mummy is just the first of those old movies revisited.  I hear that the Creature from the Black Lagoon may be coming next.  Thank You Universal.

Although I hope so, these movies probably won’t get the ratings that they deserve.  Our children today are so geared to visual gore that these movies might seem boring.  So I hope the older generation gets behind them and supports them.  In my opinion, this is GREAT!

Welcome Kenneth William Albert IV

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May 19, 2017

Today, my world has changed.  At 4:05 pm, my grandson (first grandson) was born into this world.  Kenneth W. Albert IV was 7 pounds 15 ounces and 21 inches long.  This just being a few months after the death of my father, Kenneth W. Albert I, is a welcomed event.  The joy and amazing feeling that this little guy has brought into my life even before I met him has been rejuvenating.  It makes me want to sell my house and just move to North Carolina where my son and daughter live.  Can you imagine it – I’m a grand pop.  That is so cool!

My Dad

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February 26, 2017

Yesterday I stood by the bed of the man who has impacted my life in so many ways. He taught me how to love my wife and treat her like the gift from God that she is. He taught me how to raise children in a loving home and how to lead them to the feet of Jesus at the earliest age possible. He taught me how to love people, no matter what they have done to me. He taught me how to have fun, how to take make time for family and family vacations. He taught me how to worship Jesus and how to be not just a pew sitter, but an active participator in the family of God. He taught me how to be a man of integrity, courage and peace. Basically, he taught me everything I know.

He was my best friend. I could call him at any time of the day or from any place and he was always there. Sometimes driving for hundreds of mile to fix my broken car or my broken heart.

He was my best man. I have had many close friends, but when it came my time for marriage there was no second guessing of who would stand by my side and carry my brides ring. And he did so with the biggest smile on his face.

He was my confidant. I have shared every situation of life and ministry with him knowing that it would never go any further than his knees. When he didn’t have an answer, I know he was lifting me to my Heavenly Father in prayer. He never judged or criticized me, never told me I was anything but a success and loved me unconditionally, no matter what I had to tell him.

When I had children, he loved them the same way. He helped me raise them and speak godly words into their lives. When both of my boys were asked to write papers about who it was that shaped their lives, there was no jealousy in my heart when they picked him over me.

He has at this point, commissioned three pastors into the ministry of the Word of God. I feel that speaks many things about the life and ministry (though he was never a pastor) of this man.

Yesterday, my life was dealt a huge pain as I watched that man leave my side to go to heaven. I can only hope that I can be 1/4 of what this man has been. He touched every life he came into touch with. He filled his home with people who needed to be loved and cared for. He gave over and over again, many times being used and stepped on and never said a bad word about any situation. He had amazing faith, love and joy. He knew Jesus, not religiously, but he really knew Jesus personally and it was evident.

I know that God is great and that God is powerful. I know that God will bring me through all of this pain and heartache. I know that yesterday as that heart monitor dropped to zero, this man was in heaven.

He will always be my best friend, my best man, my confidant, my teacher, my friend, my mentor….With head held high and teary eyes, I say that was my DAD!

I love you Kenneth W. Albert Sr. I cannot wait to see you again.
Lord thank you for 52 great years with my DAD!

Happy Resurrection Day

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March 27, 2016

I sent a message to someone this morning that said, This Day Changes Everything!  That was basically me message for the second service today.  It’s great to celebrate the cross, that our brokeness was paid for, but if the tomb never became unoccupied, than it was all worthless.


But Paul says that He did arise from the dead and that at one time alone, he showed himself to well over 500 people at one time.  This seals the deal!  Everything He said, He could do.  He had won the victory and you and I can live in it everyday.

Happy Easter Everyone!



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March 26, 2016

One of the things that I’ve always wanted to do was an Easter Egg Hunt.  We had kicked around the idea a little bit each year, but it just never seemed to come about.  This year would be different.  We started with the turn of the New Year to plan our egg hunt and we never looked back.  We purchased lots of plastic eggs, we filled each one with candy and we put up three really big prizes, one for each of the three age appropriate hunts.8-Ways-to-Update-an-Easter-Egg-Hunt-Photo7

The day was fantastic.  The weather, a little cool, but lots of sunshine and just perfect.  Over 260 people attended (about 160 kids) and I think everyone, even those who were working the affair, had a great time.


Thanks for everyone of you who worked so hard.

My Black and White Milkshake

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March 25, 2016

About two years ago, I drove through a late night drivethru at our local Burger King.  I proceeded to order something that I’d ordered many times before…a black and white shake.  (In case you don’t know that is a half vanilla and half chocolate shake)  It’s amazing how much different they taste with a half and half.  Anyway, as I got up to the window to pay, I got straightened out by the lady behind the window.  She told me that it wasn’t right to call it a black and white, and that was a half vanilla and half chocolate shake.  I apologized, paid, and enjoyed my black and white shake all the way home.

I used that story in the closing of our Good Friday service tonight.  It was a very appropriate illustration to what I had just experienced.  We joined Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church for a joint service to celebrate the death of our savior this evening followed by a fantastic fish fry.  I told the story and then said, that’s exactly what Jesus did with us tonight.  He mixed the black and white and shook it up.  then he added in some strawberry and banana and of course, on every Sunday you have a few nuts.

I said all that to say this, it was wonderful night with brothers and sisters of all skin colors.  I believe that’s what Jesus really died to do.

black and white shake

The Albert Adventures

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March 25, 2016

You gotta love it when the kids follow in your footsteps.  I love my boys very much and am proud of the the men they have both been developing into.  If you are reading this, you probably have followed the blog for some length of time.  Well, it may not be a blog in this sense, but it is what they call a vlog which I think stands for video blog.  And it’s my son and daughter (she’s an inlaw, but not to us) that are doing it.  Here is a link to the first episode here.  This should be good.  Hopefully they remain a little more consistent than I have been in a while.

Only 53 Miles

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March 24, 2016

Six Flags Great Adventure opened today.  KingdaEltoroIt looked like it was going to be the perfect day for a park opening, so we decided to go.  It was 71 degrees when we left our house, but as we continued our trip the thermometer in the car kept showing the temperature dropping pretty regularly.  By the time we got to the park, it was cloudy, a little windy and only 47 degrees.  Amazing for only 53 miles of traveling.  We got our three meals, rode El Toro two times in a row (there were no lines) met up with some friends, and went home early.  As we drove home, we watched the temperature go back up mile by mile.  That blows my mind!

The Future Is Now

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October 21, 2015

I had seen all the posts on Back to the Future on Facebook, but hadn’t paid much attention to them.  Then tonight I’m watching Back to the Future 2 with my wife and she says, “Did you hear that?”  I hadn’t, so she rewinds it and as most people know, Doc, Marty and his girlfriend go 30 years into the future to none other than October 21, 2015.  That is today.

That’s also crazy to me.  I remember being in the theater and watching the movie and thinking how far away October 21, 2015 was.  And now “was” is “now.”

My wife told me that they did a review of what we see in the movie in 2015 and a lot of it was close to the way it was today.  Apparently, NIKE sent Michael J. Fox a pair of those self lacing sneakers today and they will be in full production in 2016.  All I can say is PRETTY COOL and where did 30 years go so fast?!

back to the future